The Association for Latin Teaching
The ArLT is a teachers' association which organises in-service courses for classics teachers - not just on Latin - and has a frequently updated web site containing a wide range of resources for the Classics teacher. See their website for details of the Refresher day for Classics Teachers and the Summer Conference.
The Classical Association
The CA is a teachers' association ‘to promote the development and maintain the well-being of classical studies’. It supports classics in local areas through school reading competitions, play readings and outings to places of Classical interest, and holds a conference each spring. The 2014 conference is in Nottingham.
The Joint Association of Classical Teachers
JACT is a teachers' association to campaign for classics at a time when numbers taking the classical languages were in serious decline. It championed the cause of classical civilisation as a school subject, sponsored projects to produce Reading Greek and Minimus and created a pioneering Ancient History A-level. Its main publication is The Journal of Classics Teaching. It runs summer schools in Greek, Latin and Classical Civilisation, as well as a May conference and a September INSET day.
The Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies
The Hellenic Society is a charitable organisation founded in 1879 to advance the study of Greek language, literature, history, art and archaeology in the Ancient, Byzantine and Modern periods. It maintains a joint library in conjunction with the Roman Society and the Institute of Classical Studies and its main publication is The Journal of Hellenic Studies.
The Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies
The Roman Society is a charitable organisation founded in 1910 as a sister organisation to the Hellenic Society. It maintains a library with the Hellenic Society and the Institute of Classical Studies in Senate House, Malet Street, London - one of the foremost Classics libraries in the world. Its main publications are The Journal of Roman Studies and Britannia. The Roman Society offers grants to schools and individuals for the study of the Roman World and Latin.
Friends of Classics
Friends of Classics is a charitable organisation deicated to fundraising for Classics and raising the profile of the subject throughout the country.
Classics For All
Classics For All is a charitable organisation which aims to encourage the study of Classics in British State Schools.
The Cambridge School Classics Project (CSCP)
CSCP is a publishing and research organisation founded in 1966 and is the home of the Cambridge Latin Course. It has been at the forefront of the development of electronic materials for classics and holds a well attended conference for teachers every June. It is currently developing resources for the teaching of Classical Civilisation. CSCP is also running a series of free and fee-paying training courses for people who want to learn Latin and how tot teach it, at venues around the UK.
Minimus is a publishing organisation for teaching Latin in PrimarySchools. The website gives details of events held to promote Latin in Primary Schools.
The Classics Library
The Classics Library is a teachers' web site dedicated to the sharing of teaching resources and ideas.
Bryanston Summer School in Anceint Greek
Summer School. This is a residential course intended mainly for school and university students (ages 16-25). It takes place in Bryanston School, Blandford, Dorset, England.
Durham Latin and Greek Summer School
Summer School.This intensive week is designed for Sixth Forme students (16+), undergraduates, postgraduates, teachers, OU students and adults of all ages.
JACT Latin Summer School
Summer School. contact Alex Boyt on
JACT Classical Civilisation / Ancient History Summer School
Summer School. The JACT CLassical Civilisation and Ancient History Summer School is held at Repton school, Derbyshire.
London Summer School in Classics
Summer School. The London Summer School in Classics. There are two courses for beginners in Latin or Greek.
University College Cork Greek and Latin Summer School
Summer School. An 8-week intensive Greek and Latin Sumemr School at University College Cork, Ireland.
University of Liverpool Ancient Worlds Summer School
Summer School. A two-week summer school held in the University of Liverpoool, England. Courses are offered on the language and culture of Anceint Egypt, Greece and Rome. The Department is also offering a series of one day courses offering an introduction to the ancient world at various venues around the UK.
University of Reading Classics Texts day
Study Day. The event usually takes place in March at the University of Reading. It is intended for lower and upper sixth-form pupils and their teachers.
University of Reading Postgraduate Summer School
A 5 week course open to students who have graduated or are in their final undergraduate year. Ideal for postgraduate work or those interested in Classics teaching. Dates: 9 July - 10 August 2012.
University of Birmingham, Classics and Ancient History
A series of teacher-training events over 2013-14 designed for SD, PGCE and other trainee teachers.
Lampeter Summer Workshop in Greek and Latin
To help people prepare for a course, improve skills or just to study Greek or Latin.
Gloucester cathedral Latin course for beginners
A two day course for complete beginners.
Iris project
Outreach Project. An organisation which promotes learning abut the ancient world in Primary Schools in the UK.
Oxford Outreach
Outreach Project. The Classics outreach section of the Faculty of Classics, University of Oxford.
Cicero Concordia Competition
Competition. An international Latin and Classical Civilisation competition for Sixth Form students.
Examinations. AQA exams offer Classical Civilisation at GCSE and A level. They also offer INSET and training.
Examinations. OCR exams are set in Latin, Classical Civilisation, Ancient Greek and Ancient History at Entry Level, GCSE and A Level. They offer an online Community Forum, INSET and training.
Examinations. WJEC offers examinations in Latin Language, Latin Literature and Roman Civilisation at Levels One and Two.
The Times Educational Supplement.
Classics jobs are published in the TES every Friday, both in the published newspaper, and online.
UCAS Teacher Training
UCAS Teacher Training is the main portal for application for teacher training. Search using the temrs Classics, latin or Greek.
Independent Learners of Latin
Dear Teacher of Latin or Classics, This is just a quick reminder that if you have students who would like to study Latin at KS3, 4 or A level, or Class. Civ. at A level, but for whatever reason your school cannot accommodate them, we may be able to help. CSCP runs, on a not-for-profit basis, one-to-one distance learning courses at KS3, 4 and A level and we can teach larger groups by videoconference. For further details either visit our website at or call me, Elizabeth Howell on 01223 330579 (email
Starting to Teach Latin
Steven Hunt's book and website is full of practical information on how to be a Latin teacher.
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